Lynn Pocock
SIGGRAPH 97 Ongoings:
The Fine Arts Gallery Chair
Pratt Institute
c/o 77 Fornelius Avenue
Clifton, New Jersey 07013 USA
+1.201.614.0365 fax
Over the years, artists have pushed the boundaries of computer art. In their ongoing explorations, they have invented their own creative processes, and they have achieved unique visual languages.

Ongoings: The Fine Arts Gallery will present an in-depth look at computer-based artists and their work. The exhibition will present a body of work for each artist, showcasing their ongoing creative vision. In conjunction with the show, there will be an Artist Presentation Session, in Sketches, where the artists will discuss their processes and content.

The deadline for submitting works to Ongoings: The Fine Arts Gallery was 12 February 1997.