Barb Helfer
SIGGRAPH 97 Courses Chair
Advanced Computing Center for the Arts and Design (ACCAD)
The Ohio State University
1224 Kinnear Road
Columbus, Ohio 43212-1154 USA
+1.614.292.7168 fax
Learning can be segmented into three definitive stages: the aural stage, where participants listen to material and assimilate concepts; the tactile stage, in which participants gain hands-on experience; and the implementation stage, in which knowledge is applied to practical tasks. SIGGRAPH Courses have always provided instruction in all three of these modes, and they have always explored the entire expanse of knowledge within the diverse computer graphics community, from the fundamentals of computer graphics and interactive techniques to the details of emerging research.

The deadline for submission of final proposals for SIGGRAPH 97 Courses was 11 December 1996.

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