Information for Festival Screening Room Contributors

Upon Acceptance

Acceptance Agreement

Your video piece will be shown in the Computer Animation Festival Screening Rooms at SIGGRAPH 97, subject to the following conditions:

-1- The total running time including credits does not exceed the time limit stated on your acceptance letter.

-2- On-screen credits are limited to a maximum of seven seconds.

-3- The content of the final version does not differ unexpectedly from what we have discussed.

-4- The video and audio is of reasonable quality.

-5- The tape is in NTSC format.

-6- The final version is received by 18 June 1997.

If you have not already done so, please sign the acceptance agreement that was included in your package and FAX it immediately to the CAF office at +1.310.455.0595. Be sure to keep a copy for your records, then mail the original agreement to:

Judith Crow
SIGGRAPH 97 Computer Animation Festival Chair
Digital Domain
300 Rose Avenue
Venice, California 90291 USA

Compensation and Registration Confirmation

Fill out the form included in your acceptance package completely and make a copy for your records. FAX or mail the original by Wednesday, 18 June 1997 to:

Robin Myran
SIGGRAPH 97 Computer Animation Festival Coordinator
22242 Cripple Creek
Lake Forest, California 92630
+1.310.455.0595 fax

Unless you have made other arrangements, the main contact person indicated on your submission form will receive one Conference Access registration, two copies of the Visual Proceedings and Visual Proceedings CD-ROM, and three Electronic Theater tickets for the accepted entry.

You must use the Compensation and Registration Confirmation Form to claim your complimentary registration. The person receiving the registration and materials should not fill out and return a standard conference registration form.

Indicate on the form the preferred showings for the three Electronic Theater tickets you will receive. Your options are:

  • Monday through Thursday evenings, 7 pm to 9 pm
  • Tuesday and Wednesday matinees, 2 pm to 4 pm

You will receive a "Computer Animation Festival Contributor" ribbon in your registration package. If you would like extra ribbons for collaborators, please indicate the number on the form.

If you gave permission for your work to be included on the SIGGRAPH Video Review, you will receive one copy of the SIGGRAPH Video Review tape on which your piece appears.

Please pick up your registration package at the Contributor Registration desk during regular conference registration hours.

If you would like to purchase conference merchandise or additional Electronic Theater tickets (subject to availability), please contact:

Cynthia Stark
Smith, Bucklin and Associates
401 N. Michigan Avenue, Suite 2300
Chicago, Illinois 60611 USA
+1.312.321.6876 fax

Final Submission Checklist

Use this checklist to prepare and deliver your final submission. All of our deadlines are very tight; you can avoid jeopardizing the status of your entry by following these instructions carefully.

-1- Prepare a videotape of your submission mastered on the best equipment available to you. Start with 20 seconds of standard color bars and tone, generated from the same source as the images on the tape, followed by 10 seconds of black.

-2- Label your tape and its case with the following information:

  • Your entry number.
  • The title of the piece.
  • Total running time, which is not to exceed the time indicated on your acceptance letter.
  • Contact name and phone number.

-3- Package your tape for safe delivery. Please use bubble wrap or plastic padded mailers. DO NOT USE fiber or pulp-padded mailers - if these break during shipping, your tape will be ruined.

-4- If you are using a delivery service, record the tracking number for the package and use it to determine if your submission has arrived safely. We will be unable to track this for you.

-5- Ship your package to the following address so that it arrives no later than 18 June 1997.

Judith Crow
SIGGRAPH 97 Computer Animation Festival Chair
Digital Domain
300 Rose Avenue
Venice, California 90291 USA

Visual Proceedings Confirmation

If you granted permission for your work to be included in the printed and/or CD-ROM version of the SIGGRAPH 97 Visual Proceedings, you will have received a confirmation of the text in your acceptance package. Please check this very carefully, indicate any changes, and fax them immediately to +1.310.455.0595.

Also, if you have not sent 5 slides, with Top/Front clearly marked, please send them to the following address immediately:

Judith Crow
SIGGRAPH 97 Computer Animation Festival Chair
Digital Domain
300 Rose Avenue
Venice, California 90291 USA

Computer Animation Festival