Important Contributor Information

These pages contain valuable information for those who have received a letter stating that their submitted work has been accepted into the Electronic Theater or the Computer Animation Festival Screening Rooms for SIGGRAPH 97.


Please remember these important conditions:

-1- Your piece must not exceed the time limit stated on your acceptance letter. If we are asking you to edit your piece and you have questions, please contact us immediately.

-2- You must limit on-screen credits to seven seconds.

-3- We must receive a final version of your submission by 18 June 1997.

-4- We are requesting that all superimposed logos and company identification be removed. By this we mean the logos in the top or bottom corners of the screen visible during the piece, but of no relevance to the piece other than identifying the creator's company.

If you are unwilling or unable to comply with these conditions, please contact us immediately.

Your acceptance package contained the following additional materials:

-1- Acceptance Agreement. Please sign and return this agreement immediately.

-2- Compensation and Registration Confirmation form. Please fill out and return to the address printed on this form by 18 June 1997. If multiple submissions have been accepted from your organization and these were collaborative efforts, be sure to write a different name on each copy of this form that you receive. This ensures you will receive all the complimentary registrations and materials to which you are entitled.

-3- Final Submission Checklist. Please fill out and return this form with your final submission by 18 June 1997.

-4- If documentation for your piece will appear in the SIGGRAPH 97 Visual Proceedings, you should have received in your acceptance package a confirmation of the text. Indicate any changes and fax the signed confirmation to us immediately.

-5- It is the contributor's responsibility to secure any necessary permissions and licenses for visual and audio material contained in entries for the SIGGRAPH 97 Computer Animation Festival. Contributors are encouraged to use original music composed by the producer, a colleague, or friend. If, however, a commercial soundtrack is used, small performing rights licenses must be secured for the public performance of any copyrighted musical composition. Synchronization licenses must be secured for the inclusion of copyrighted musical compositions in film or video presentations. For a nominal fee, the Harry Fox Agency can assist with music licensing arrangements:

The Harry Fox Agency
205 East 42nd Street
New York, New York 10017 USA

All of our deadlines between now and the conference are very tight. Please follow all the instructions on each form carefully to avoid jeopardizing the status of your submission.

Please use the links at the bottom of this page to access specific information regarding the venue into which your work has been accepted.

You may be contacted by video distributors, curators of animation festivals, and others who are interested in your work. We recommend that you deny exclusive rights to any one group. The granting of such rights may prevent you from distributing and showing your work freely, and may even make it impossible for us to use your entry at SIGGRAPH.

Again, congratulations. We are looking forward to working with you to make the Computer Animation Festival a success!


Judith Crow
SIGGRAPH 97 Computer Animation Festival Chair
Digital Domain
300 Rose Avenue
Venice, California 90291 USA
+1.310.455.0595 fax

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