Creative Applications Laboratory

Want to test out the new rendering algorithm you just saw in the Papers session? Come to the CAL!

Looking for some hands-on experience on the material in the course you just attended? Come to the CAL!

Hoping to meet the panelists you just saw, and share your two cents with the famous people up there on the big screen? Come to the CAL!

Want to work side by side with artists whose works are on exhibit in the Fine Arts Gallery? Come to the CAL!

Hoping to learn more about the fundamentals of Computer Graphics? Come to the CAL!

Seeking more information about the Sketch you just saw? Come to the CAL!

Wish you could modify that video you just saw in the Animation Theaters? Come to the CAL!

Want to create your own research project while you're at SIGGRAPH 97? Come to the CAL!

Want to hang out with the coolest student volunteers and have them show you the future? They're in the CAL!

The Creative Applications Laboratory, a new program at SIGGRAPH 97, is designed to support the other conference programs and events: Papers, Panels, Courses, Sketches, Ongoings: The Fine Arts Gallery, the Electric Garden, and the Computer Animation Festival.

CAL is an open area with a variety of computers (workstations, PCs, Macs), network connections for contributors and attendees to plug in their own computers, and possibly other types of equipment. Contributors to the SIGGRAPH 97 programs and events are invited to install their materials on the machines for attendees to experiment with, learn with, play with, or just enjoy.

Steve Anderson
Silicon Graphics, Inc.
Creative Applications Laboratory Chair