When 1997's wave of digital technology washes over Los Angeles, it will be generated, surfed, and applied by you. Your work. Your imagination. Your speculation. Your adventures.

SIGGRAPH 97 is especially interested in contributors who have never participated in a SIGGRAPH conference before. Just be sure to observe the submission deadlines and requirements. If it's accepted, your original work will help define the next wave of digital technology.
Scott Owen
SIGGRAPH 97 Conference Chair

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Download PDF Call for Participation, sections, and forms

SIGGRAPH 97 Call for Participation
Complete information on how to submit your results, ideas, art, animations, inspirations, and expertise to the world's premier conference on computer graphics and interactive techniques.


SIGGRAPH 97 Einladung zur Teilnahme
Ausführliche Informationen darüber, wie Sie Ihre Resultate, Ideen, Kunst, Animatione, Einfälle und Fachkenntnisse der führenden weltweiten Konferenz für Computergraphik und interaktive Techniken vorlegen können.



SIGGRAPH 97 Appel à Participation
Des informations complètes sur la façon de présenter vos résultats, idées, oeuvres d'art, animations, inspirations et expertises lors de la plus grande conférence mondiale sur l'infographie et les techniques interactives.

SIGGRAPH 97 Llamado de Participación
Información detallada sobre como presentar sus trabajos, ideas, creaciones artísticas, animaciones, inspiraciones y conocimientos especializados a la principal conferencia mundial de computación gráfica y técnicas interactivas.