Submission Deadlines


Technical research, systems, and applications papers presented in the world's premier forum for advanced work in computer graphics and interactive techniques.

15 January 1997Final submissions from North America

17 January 1997Final submissions from outside North America


Show and tell sessions: early insights, intellectual adventures, tentative results, and informed speculations.

16 April 1997Final submissions


Debates, arguments, and even agreement on broad concepts and concerns related to emerging technologies, technical controversies, and creative achievements.

15 January 1997Final Panel submissions


In-depth knowledge in every aspect of the field, from the fundamentals of computer graphics and interactive techniques to the details of emerging research.

11 December 1996Final submissions

Electric Garden

A diverse environment showcasing the most exciting, most seductive interactive computer applications and interactive designs.

29 January 1997Final proposals

Ongoings: The Fine Arts Gallery

An in-depth look at computer-based artists and their work.

12 February 1997Final submissions

Computer Animation Festival

Animators, video artists, and film producers present the world's finest computer-generated work.

23 April 1997Final submissions

Educators Program

Creative alternatives to traditional classroom settings, methods that make learning more accessible, and techniques that encourage student participation.

8 January 1997Final submissions

Technical Slide Set

Images that demonstrate new or enhanced algorithms, procedures, and applications.

19 March 1997Final submissions

Award Nominations

Your opportunity to suggest candidates for the most prestigious awards in computer graphics.

8 January 1997Nominations for 1997 awards

Student Volunteers

Contribute your time, expertise, and enthusiasm to SIGGRAPH 97. 12 March 1997Student Volunteer applications
Pioneer Grant applications