Chair: Kevin Weiler

 Radial Basis Function Interpolation Surface On Space Mesh

An algorithm for constructing a smooth interpolation surface on space mesh. The algorithm is a generalization of a radial basis function interpolation surface defined on an approximation surface.

Baocai Yin
Beijing Polytechnic University

Wen Gao
Harbin Institute of Technology

 Automatic Reconstruction of Complex 3D Models from a Set of Polylines

A rapid, precise, and efficient algorithm for computation of 3D models such as those used by the CAD, medical, and scientific visualization industries.

Toshi Chang
Luis Canales
Tom Ledoux
CogniSeis Development

 Using CSG Representations of Polygons for Practical Point-in-Polygon Tests

A CSG representation for polygons used to perform point-in-polygon tests and compared to existing methods. It is far less memory-intensive than the grid method and faster than basic methods.

Robert Walker
Jack Snoeyink
University of British Columbia

 Varying Spring Constants for Accurate Simulation of Elastic Materials 

A formula for varying the spring constants in an irregular triangulated spring mesh so that it accurately simulates an elastic membrane. Two QuickTime movies presented test results.

Allen Van Gelder
Jane Wilhelms
University of California, Santa Cruz