Art & Design Paper, Lines, and Letters

Chair: Andrew Glassner

 Live Web Stationery: Virtual Paper Aging

Visualization of a Web page's life on the net by automatically generating a background image of paper subjected to a hostile environment and human handling.

Doree Duncan Seligmann
Stephan Vladimir Bugaj
Bell Laboratories of Lucent Technologies

 An Improvement on Line Scan-Conversion

A scan-converted straight line may contain many pixel segments of identical shapes. Therefore, instead of scan-converting the whole line step by step, multiple segments of a line can be scan-converted through copying and replicating.

Jim X. Chen
George Mason University

 LiveType: A Parametric Font Model Based on Features and Constraints

A new font model based on features, parameters, and constraints. Glyphs are composed of typographic features including constraints defined between geometric elements. Parameter modifications lead to real-time constraint evaluation.

Ariel Shamir
Ari Rappoport
The Hebrew University