Animation & Special Effects Fur, Film, and Textures

Chair: Brian Wyvill

 Rendering with Paintstrokes

A rendering meta-primitive based on the generalized cylinder and an algorithm that dynamically tesselates it into optimal arrangements of polygons relative to the viewer's position and orientation.

Ivan Neulander
University of Toronto

 Motion Tracking for Special Effects in the Film Industry 

Application of computer vision algorithms (particularly motion tracking) in the film industry, including an advantageous architecture for a 2D/3D tracking module and optimal motion recovery algorithms..

Maria Lando
BOSS Film Studios

 Textured Rulers and Arcs

Texture maps representing linear and arc measurement scales provide a visually accessible set of measurements without adding scene clutter or auxiliary measurement widgets.

Chris Shaw
University of Regina

 Texturing Implicit Surfaces with Particle Systems

An intuitive yet effective method to apply bidimensional texture onto implicit surfaces. Unlike other methods, this approach includes effective tools for controlling the placement of the applied texture.

Ruben Zonenschein
Jonas Gomes
Luiz Velho
Instituto de Matematica Pura e Aplicada

Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo
Laboratorio Nacional de Computação Cientifica