Animation & Special Effects Animation

Chair: Norm Badler

 Visual Behavior Programming with Automatic Script Code Generation

A VRML2.0 content authoring tool with an intuitive visual behavior programming interface.

Shigeo Nakagawa
Hirofumi Ishida
NEC Corporation

 Making Them Behave

A logic representation to simplify specifying high-level behaviors for animated characters, including a character design workbench with examples of "merpeople" engaged in pursuit and evasion behaviors.

John Funge
Xiaoyuan Tu
University of Toronto

 Learning Fast Neural Network Emulators for Physics-Based Models

Generation of physically realistic animation using trained neural networks that can emulate non-trivial physics-based models one or two orders of magnitude faster than conventional numerical simulation.

Radek Grzeszczuk
Demetri Terzopoulos
Geoffrey Hinton
University of Toronto

 Combining Active and Passive Simulations for Secondary Motion

Secondary motion generated by coupling active and passive simulations, and demonstrated with animations of jumping on a trampoline, vaulting onto a mat, and swinging while wearing a skirt.

Jessica K. Hodgins
James F. O'Brien
Victor B. Zordan
Georgia Institute of Technology