Chair: Bill Lorensen

 Texture Maps from Orthographic Video

An attempt to enhance virtual spaces by providing a method for producing photographic-like texture maps from captured video.

Brian Jones
Georgia Institute of Technology

 Disparity Morphing for Automatic Generation of Stereo Panoramas for Image-Based VR

High-quality stereo panoramas are difficult to achieve. This sketch described a disparity morphing technique to correct the image disparities of adjacent images and produce high-quality stereo panoramas.

Ho-Chao Huang
Yi-Ping Hung
Academia Sinica

 Interactive Contour Modeling Applied to Image Querying

An interactive contour modeling technique using implicit polynomial representations, and its application to content-based image querying.

Zhibin Lei
David B. Cooper
Brown University

 Curvelet Feature Extraction and Matching for Image Retrieval

A prototype image-query-by-sketch system that automatically extracts prominent geometric shape structures from images and uses them to compute the similarity values between images.

Zhibin Lei
Brown University

Yin Chan
Princeton University