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Chair: Larry Gritz

 Genetic Shaders: Interactive and Automatic Shader Generation

A system that generates procedural textures or shaders using genetic algorithm techniques. The system operates in both artist-directed or automatic texture matching modes.

Aladin Ibrahim
Donald House
Texas A&M University

 Sampling Procedural Shaders Using Affine Arithmetic

By evaluating procedural shaders with affine arithmetic instead of normal floating-point arithmetic, it is possible to obtain tight, conservative error bounds for area samples of the shader.

Wolfgang Heidrich
Philipp Slusallek
Hans-Peter Seidel
University of Erlangen

 InvenTcl: Making Open Inventor Interpretive with Tcl/[incr Tcl]

An interpretive implementation of Open Inventor using Tcl/Tk that provides interpretive access to Open Inventor for object creation, object interaction, and animation.

Sidney Fels
Silvio Esser
Armin Bruderlin
Kenji Mase
ATR Media Integration & Communication

 The Contour Spectrum

A new user interface component for scientific visualization: a signature consisting of a variety of scalar data and contour attributes, presented to the user as 1D/2D plots for static/time-varying data.

Chandrajit L. Bajaj
Valerio Pascucci
Daniel R. Schikore
Purdue University