Virtual Reality Artistic Rendering

Chair: F. Kenton Musgrave

 Linear Colour Contouring for Fine Art Printmaking

A method to facilitate creation of colour-contoured depictions of 3D-modeled compositions and their subsequent transfer to traditional fine art print media.

Peter Lee
Camberwell College of Arts

 Microscopic Structural Modeling of Colored Pencil Drawings

In order to realize a next-generation digital painting system, the functionality of colored pencil drawings, 3D microscopic structures of superficial layers of drawing papers, and pigment distribution were modeled.

Saeko Takagi
Issei Fujishiro
Ochanomizu University

 Rendering With Streamlines

In this technique for generating pen-and-ink drawings, vector field streamlines are used to approximate the hatch marks of traditional artists. The streamlines are calculated by a new one-pass algorithm.

Richard Coutts
Donald P. Greenberg
Cornell University