Art & DesignVirtual Reality Moving: Agency for Virtual Spaces

Chair: Thecla Shiphorst

 Using Video to Create Avatars in Virtual Reality

A collection of functions that can be used to add static, photo-realistic, three-dimensional representations of remote users, as well as other objects or agents, to virtual reality applications. The process involves obtaining views from 360 degrees around the person, then selecting two of these images, one for each eye, to represent the user in 3D space.

Joseph A. Insley
Daniel J. Sandin
Thomas A. DeFanti
University of Illinois at Chicago


A virtual environment created in the CAVE that focuses on the immersive nature of dreams, Dream Grrrls allows users to experience their world in a new and dynamic way, much like an active or lucid dream.

Margaret Dolinsky
Grit Sehmisch
University of Illinois at Chicago

 CyberHuman Dance Series: An Articulation of Body, Space, and Motion in Performance

An experimental dance work exploring: simulations of physical and virtual phenomena in the context of performance, metaphors of virtual spaces and bodies, and exchange and modification of narrative identities.

Yacov Sharir
Katie Salen
University of Texas at Austin

 Disability in the Arts

Educating and encouraging people -- regardless of prior experience, physical limitations, age, or ethnicity -- to examine the relevance of art and accessibility in their own lives.

Jon Berge
The Ohio State University