Art & Design Saying: Words for Electronic Discourse

Chair: Tim Binkley

 Design Speech Acts: "How to do things with words" in Virtual Communities 

A methodology of structuring and defining speech acts for design, so that a meta-language for design can be subsequently developed. A first model of this categorisation was presented and discussed.

Anna Cicognani
University of Sydney

 Agree to Disagree Online 

A series of arguments, beginning with the inflammatory statement: "In the future, books will be replaced by maps," in both time and space.

Janet Cohen
Keith Frank
Jon Ippolito

 Gradus: Revealing the Shape of the English Language

In this visual representation of the English language, dictionary headwords are plotted along three dimensions: alphabetic, time, familiarity. The emergent shape offers insight into the nature of the language.

Matt Grenby
MIT Media Lab

 Computer Graphics as Stainless Steel Output

Computer graphics that incorporate typography for output on stainless steel using chemical machining. Examples illustrated resolution, fenestrations, surface qualities, scale considerations, and conceptual possibilities.

Ronald Carraher
University of Washington