Art & Design Tooling: Implements for Creativity

Chair: Louise Sandhaus

 Hand Held Tools for Navigating Information

Two mechanical interfaces (one concrete, one highly abstract) control computer graphics, not simply to produce a pretty picture, but to forge a deeper understanding of the subject matter.

David Small
MIT Media Lab

 Dynamic3: Interactive Physics and Physicality In Three Dimensions

In this study, two physical cubes control a malleable hierarchical data structure. By using interactive particle physics, objects react in ways that correspond to our existing assumptions about our physical world.

Reed Kram
John Maeda
MIT Media Laboratory

 A Zooming Sketchpad, a Multiscale Narrative: Pad++, PadDraw, Gray Matters 

Pad++ is a substrate for zooming applications. PadDraw is a zoomable sketchpad. Gray Matters is a collaborative multiscale visual hyperfiction.

Noah Wardrip-Fruin
Jonathan Meyer
Ken Perlin
New York University

Ben Bederson
Jim Hollan
University of New Mexico

 MultiMedia Interactive Artist's Archive and Retrospective 

A portfolio and a form of catalog: an artist-produced CD-ROM, arranged by media category and presented in dynamic formats. Hyperlinks connect with animations, texts, etc.

Josepha Haveman