Big Data Visualization

Chair: Lloyd Treinish

 Computer-Generated Physical Models for Scientific and Engineering Visualization: VR - V = R

A project that uses physical model making as an everyday aspect of scientific and engineering visualization. The equipment is interfaced to the Internet to make it easier to access remotely.

Michael J. Bailey
Dru Clark
University of California at San Diego and San Diego Supercomputer Center

 Hardware-Assisted Volume Rendering for Oil and Gas Exploration 

Using 3D textures to both volume render a survey and map survey data onto embedded surfaces: a natural progression from massively parallel software volume renderers.

Scott Senften
Alan Commike
Silicon Graphics, Inc.


A technique for visualizing multivariate time series. Time slices are summarized by group into polygons and the slices connected over time to make worm-like spacetime projections.

Geoffrey Matthews
Western Washington University

Mike Roze
Applied Software Technology, Inc.

 A Visualization of Music

The most popular method of visualizing music is music notation. However, most listeners are unfamiliar or uncomfortable with the complex nature of music notation. The goal of this project is to present an alternate method of visualizing music.

Sean Smith
Glen Williams
Texas A&M University