Virtual Reality Virtual Environments

Chair: Chuck Hansen

 The Mirror: Reflections on Inhabited TV

The Mirror was a ground-breaking collaborative experiment in Inhabited TV. Six shared online VRML2.0 worlds were available to over 2,000 viewers of the BBC2 series "The Net" in early 1997.

Graham Walker
BT Laboratories

Rodger Lea
Sony Distributed Systems Lab

 Peloton: A VRML Based Bicycling Simulator

A simulator, suitable for athletic competition, that creates virtual environments for bicycle rides. It is an experiment to discover ways to build virtual reality systems on the Web.

J. Robert Ensor
Gianpaolo U. Carraro
Bell Laboratories

 The Electric Body Project

A software tool for creating choreography using gestural sampling and mapping techniques. Movement is sampled using Ascension Technologies Flock of Birds and then metaphorically treated with user-defined filters and maps. This project has been sponsored by the Media Arts Section of the Canada Council.

Thecla Schiphorst
Sang Mah
Credo Multimedia Software Inc.