Education and Information

Chair: Roger Crawfis

 Visualization of the Best Approximation

A computer graphics project that visualizes the best approximation process in a linear algebra class. Given a subspace spanned by vectors U and V, a mouse or slider is used to search the projection of a vector W onto the subspace.

Li Chao
University of Houston Victoria

 RenderComp: The New Editing Workflow Paradigm for Digital Video Publishing

RenderComp is an application that allows image rendering and MPEG compression to occur as a single real-time process, providing superior quality titles when compared to video constructed and compressed in separate systems.

Marcus Julian
Vibrint Technologies

 Text-Driven Deaf-Mute Sign Language Synthesis System

A text-driven sign language synthesis system that improves the kinetic control model of a 3D human hand and arm, a 3D human body geometric model, and experiment results.

Yibo Song
Wen Gao
Baocai Yin
Ying Liu
Lin Xu
Jie Yan
Haitao Chen
Jian Zhou
Harbin Institute of Technology