Art & Design Art Applications

Chair: Lloyd Treinish

 Virtual Arts Therapies

A combination of traditional arts therapy techniques with computer technology to alleviate symptoms, enhance creativity, induce relaxation, and promote client well-being.

Rebecca Mercuri
Ranjit Bhatnagar
University of Pennsylvania

 Working Within the Grid: Interactive Foundations Design Problems Using Grid Structures

Using short interactive programs authored in Director to explore visible and invisible grids.

Patricia Nelson
Barbara Giorgio-Booher
Ball State University
pnelson@wp.bsu.edu bgiorgio@wp.bsu.edu

Loren Mork
Cool Software Inc.

 WordNozzle: Painting With Words

An experiment in "painting" with text that enables the user to select any text-only file as input to the "nozzle" and spray words in a continuous stream while controlling the font, size, style, and color of the text.

Jason Lewis
Interval Research Corporation

 Visualizing the Midway Face of the Dixie National Forest

The process used to create a highly realistic animated walk-through of an existing forest.

Donald House
Scott Arvin
Greg Schmidt
Texas A&M University

Midori Kitagawa DeLeon
The Ohio State University