Animation & Special Effects Visual Styles

Chair: Jonathan Luskin

 The Tapir: Combining Myth and Contemporary Musical Structures to Create a Personal Perspective with 3D Computer Animation

How 3D computer animation can expand the idea of storytelling: using the 3D environment and computer-generated images to embody a personal vision.

Raquel Coelho
Blue Sky Studios

 "Hercules:" The 30-Headed Hydra

For Disney's "Hercules," a team of artists and technical directors collaborated to animate a 30-headed Hydra, the first computer-animated character ever to co-star in a traditionally animated film.

Roger Gould
Walt Disney Feature Animation

 Turner Classic Movies: "Hopper"

A literal example of animated art: digitally manipulated traditional animation combined with 3D environments brings Edward Hopper's art to life.

Tom McClure
Jeffery Roth
Colin Miller
Ingrid Overgard
Jance Allen
Jana Canellos
Colossal Pictures jeffrey@colossal.com


A 30-second animation that seamlessly combines traditional cel animation with new and unique techniques in 3D digital animation, creating an elegant black-and-white, two-dimensional, woodcut look.

Betsy de Fries
Jerry van de Beek
Little Fluffy Clouds