Animation & Special Effects Dynamics and Character Motion

Chair: Tom Porter

 Dynamically Simulated Characters in Virtual Environments

Two virtual environments populated by dynamically simulated characters: an interactive game with one-legged robots and a model of the 1996 Atlanta Road Race Course with virtual bicyclists.

David C. Brogan
Ronald A. Metoyer
Jessica K. Hodgins
Georgia Institute of Technology

 Transitions Between Dynamically Simulated Motions: Leaping, Tumbling, Landing, and Balancing

Transitions between parameterized control systems for leaping, tumbling, landing, and balancing produce a diverse set of behaviors for dynamically simulated male and female characters.

Wayne L. Wooten
Jessica K. Hodgins
Georgia Institute of Technology

 Animating Quadrupeds with Footprints

A system for generating animations of quadrupeds from sets of footprints. The animation is built in stages by combining trajectory optimization, inverse kinematics, and passive dynamics.

Nick Torkos
Michiel van de Panne
University of Toronto