Animation & Special Effects Mutts, Machines, and Molten Monsters:
The Making Of ...

Chair: Tim McGovern

 General Motors EV-1: "Appliances"

How would a toaster walk, if it could? A vacuum cleaner? Character design issues like these were critical in the development of a commercial for the first car in history designed from the ground up as a mass-production electric vehicle.

Alex Seiden
Industrial Light & Magic

 "The Relic"

Computer graphics solutions were essential for getting a rampaging performance from a fantastic creature -- for the heavy action shots such as a fiery monster chasing the heroine as well as detailed elements like the monster's six-foot tongue, which lovingly licks the heroine.

John (DJ) DesJardin

 "Dante's Peak"

Beginning with a series of digital matte paintings of the volcano, this project proceeded to creation of digital CG lava composited into various locations and terrain, even inside a mountain cabin.

David Isyomin
Digital Domain

 "101 Dalmatians"

The breakthroughs achieved in Disney's "101 Dalmatians:" creation of up to 90 believable CG stunt-doubles for man's best friend.

Daniel Jeanette
Doug Smythe
Industrial Light & Magic