Animation & Special Effects Tracking and Talking

Chair: Mark Schafer

 Passive 3D Human Motion Capture

Computer vision and computer graphics formulations and techniques for three-dimensional, model-based motion capture and animation of unconstrained human movement from multiple cameras.

Ioannis Kakadiaris
Dimitri Metaxas
University of Pennsylvania

 Visual Tracking and Pose Recovery for Special Effects

Using computer vision-based tracking to separate a complex moving object from unknown background clutter and recover object pose, allowing computer graphics to be superimposed on the object.

Michael Isard
Andrew Blake
University of Oxford

 Lip Synchronization for Animation

Research into lip synchronization of speech that has not been preprocessed into phonetic units. Computers can achieve this without the necessity of speech recognition or electromechanical devices attached to the jaw.

David F. McAllister
Robert D. Rodman
Donald L. Bitzer
Andrew S. Freeman
North Carolina State University

 Layered Compositing of Facial Expression

An algorithm for real-time interactive facial animation based on a stratified approach. Animators layer degrees of freedom recursively to relate lower-level facial movements to higher-level moods and intentions.

Ken Perlin
New York University