Special Interest Groups & Birds of a Feather

Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are for attendees who think and work in similar technologies and environments. Special Interest Groups are open to all attendees. They are usually informal. At some, general subjects are discussed; others convene around topics related to specific product vendors. To schedule a SIG for SIGGRAPH 98, call: +1.312.321.6830 or send email to sigs@siggraph.org to request a sign-up form.

Birds of a Feather are impromptu gatherings.They can be scheduled at any time, to discuss any subject.


SIGGRAPH Professional Chapters Leadership Workshop
Scott Lang

Hardware Workshop
Bengt-Olaf Schneider

Kinetix Developer Conference
Jill Baradat

Component-Based Visualization and Interaction Environments
Michael Pique

3D Benchmarks
Greg Passmore

Massively Parallel Rendering SIG
Patricia Crossno

Don Brutzman

OpenGL for Game Developers
Lisa Vieira

Large Model Visualization API Consortium (LMVAC)
Larry McDonough

Numerical Algorithms Group Inc. Iris Explorer User Group
Tony Nilles

IMAX Computer Animation
Steve Welch

SIGGRAPH Education Committee Visualization Education Meeting
Marc Barr

SGI IRIS Performer
Chrysa Caulfield

Don Brutzman

Java 3D and Java Media SIG
Barton Fiske

Performance Animation Roundup
Linda Jacobson

IMAX Computer Animation - Screening
Steve Welch

Binary Biker Artists Exploration of Motorcycles, Art & Technology
Rick Barry

OpenGL Developments Over the Past Year
Lisa Vieira

Graphics Performance Characterization Group
Jennifer Gangi

ACM SIGGRAPH Carto Project
Dave Taylor/Theresa-Marie Rhyne

Molecular Graphics
Michael Pique

SIGGRAPH Education Committee - Annual Meetings
Marc Barr

SIGGRAPH Education Committee Breakout - Art
Marc Barr

SIGGRAPH Education Committee Breakout - Computer Science
Marc Barr

SIGGRAPH Education Committee Breakout - K-12
Marc Barr

Tokyo ACM/SIGGRAPH Reception
Masa Inakage

Sun Microsystems Inc. Developing Visual Applications
Alexandra Ohlson

SIGGRAPH Get Involved -
Meet the SIGGRAPH 98 Committee and Executive Committee

University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill Graphics Reunion
Sherry Palmer

Computer Graphics Pioneers Reception
Sherry Keowen

Stony Brook Center for Visual Computing Visualization Lab Reunion
Arie Kaufman

SIGGRAPH T-Shirt Contest
Joe Lohmar

SIGGRAPH Public Policy Activities
Judy Brown

CG-CHAIR (Computer Graphics Character Animation)

Production Management Frameworks
Roger Rohrbach

Annual SIGGRAPH Business Meeting

IEEE Trans. on Visualization & Computer Graphics
Arie Kaufman

Ray Tracing Roundtable
Eric Haines

Avatars and the Virtual Worlds They Live In
Bruce Damer

SIGGRAPH Round the Clock