Animation & Special Effects Texture, Reflection, and Design

Demetri Terzopoulos
University of Toronto

 Multiresolution Sampling Procedure for Analysis and Synthesis of Texture Images

Jeremy S. DeBonet
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

 Recovering High Dynamic Range Radiance Maps from Photographs

Paul E. Debevec
Jitendra Malik
University of California, Berkeley

 Object Shape and Reflectance Modeling from Observation

Yoichi Sato
Carnegie Mellon University

Mark D. Wheeler
Apple Computer, Inc.

Katsushi Ikeuchi
University of Tokyo

 Design Galleries: A General Approach to Setting Parameters for Computer Graphics and Animation 

J. Marks

B. Andalman
Harvard University

P. Beardsley
W. Freeman
S. Gibson

J. Hodgins
Georgia Institute of Technology

T. Kang

B. Mirtich
H. Pfister

W. Ruml
K. Ryall
Harvard University

J. Seims
University of Washington

S. Shieber
Harvard University