Devices and Multimodal I/O

Mike Moshell
University of Central Florida

 The Two-User Responsive Workbench: Support for Collaboration Through Individual Views of a Shared Space

Maneesh Agrawala
Andrew C. Beers
Bernd Fröhlich
Pat Hanrahan
Stanford University

Ian McDowall
Mark Bolas
Fakespace, Inc.

 SCAAT: Incremental Tracking with Incomplete Information

Greg Welch
Gary Bishop
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

 The Robust Haptic Display of Complex 3D Graphical Environments 

Diego C. Ruspini
Stanford University

Krasimir Kolarov
Interval Research Corporation

Oussama Khatib
Stanford University

 Video Rewrite: Speaking Through the Mouths of Others

Christoph Bregler
Malcolm Slaney
Michele Covell
Interval Research Corporation