Hardware and Anti-Aliasing

Frank Crow
Interval Research Corporation

 InfiniteReality: A Real-Time Graphics System

John S. Montrym
Daniel R. Baum
David L. Dignam
Christopher J. Migdal
Silicon Graphics, Inc.

 Efficient Bump Mapping Hardware

Mark Peercy
John Airey
Brian Cabral
Silicon Graphics, Inc.

 Hardware-Accelerated Rendering of Anti-Aliasing Using a Modified A-Buffer Algorithm

Bill Rivard
Stephanie Winner
3Dfx Interactive

Michael Kelley
Silicon Graphics, Inc.

Brent Pease
Alex Yen
Apple Computer, Inc.

 Anti-Aliasing of Curves by Discrete Pre-Filtering

A.E. Fabris
Universidade de São Paulo

A.R. Forrest
University of East Anglia