SIGGRAPH 97 Papers Committee

Turner Whitted
Numerical Design Limited


Frederick P. Brooks, Jr.
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Edwin Catmull

Michael Cohen
Microsoft Research

Frank Crow
Interval Research Corporation

Julie Dorsey
Massacusetts Institute of Technology

Eugene Fiume
University of Toronto

Alain Fournier
University of British Columbia

Thomas Allan Funkhouser
Bell Laboratories

Jessica Hodgins
Georgia Institute of Technology

John Hughes
Brown University

R. Victor Klassen
Xerox Corporation

Bill Lorensen
General Electric Corporation

Gavin S.P. Miller
Apple Computer, Inc.

J. Michael Moshell
University of Central Florida

Alyn P. Rockwood
Arizona State University

Holly Rushmeier
IBM TJ Watson Research Center

Hans-Peter Seidel
Universität Erlangen

John M. Snyder
Microsoft Corporation

Maureen Stone
Xerox PARC

Richard Szeliski
Microsoft Corporation

Demetri Terzopoulos
University of Toronto

Greg Turk
Georgia Institute of Technology

Douglas Voorhies
Silicon Graphics, Inc.

Andrew Witkin
Carnegie Mellon University