Art& Design Medical Illustration & Visualization: Why Do We Use CG and Does It Really Make a Difference in Creating Meaningful Images?  

Creating effective illustration requires a clear grasp of the information to be conveyed as well as a visual strategy for making the message clear to the audience. As visualizers, medical illustrators may spend as much time gathering information as finding ways to make the message captivating to particular audiences. With access to high-end 3D animation technology and development tools for creating interactive and simulation products, medical illustrators can create a greater variety of visual solutions than they can with traditional art media. This roundtable discussion promoted critique and evaluation of how computer graphics has made a difference in presenting visual information.

Virginia McArthur
Carrie DiLorenzo
Engineering Animation Inc.

Jane Hurd
Medical Illustrator

Carol Donner
Medical Illustrator

Casey Herbert
Flying Foto Factory

Pat Lynch
Yale University School of Medicine