Artists and Works

John S. Banks
Rising Star Ltd.
445 East Illinois 345
Chicago, Illinois 60611 USA

John S. Banks has been working with digital images for 16 years and with photographs for 25 years. He is currently living in Chicago, where he is on an indefinite leave of absence from his own business, Rising Star Ltd., in order to concentrate on image-making. For the previous 12 years, Banks was President or Vice President of Rising Star Ltd., a computer graphics reseller in Illinois.

Utah Portal
Iris Print, 20" x 15", 1994

Untitled 10
Iris Print, 20" x 24", 1995


Sheriann Ki-Sun Burnham
227 Ancona Drive
Long Beach, California 90803 USA

Sheriann Ki-Sun Burnham was born in Seoul, Korea in 1959. She holds a BA in Art from California State University, Long Beach. She has been a profes-sional graphic designer/illustrator since 1980 and has been involved in computer graphics since 1981. Currently, she owns a freelance art and design business. Her fine art has been presented in many exhibitions and publications in the US and abroad, including the SIGGRAPH 88 and SIGGRAPH 89 Art Shows, the 1989/90 ACM SIGGRAPH Traveling Art Show, 1990 Artware ­ Art and Electronics in Germany, 1995 and 1996 Fractal Design Art Expos, and 1989 and 1997 Connecticut College Biennial Symposiums for Arts and Technology.

Iris print, 22 1/4" X 22 1/4", 1996

Cape Flora
Iris print, 28" X 28", 1996


Anna M. Chupa
Mississippi State University
Box 5182, Department of Art
Mississippi State, Mississippi 39762 USA

Anna Chupa received her Master of Fine Arts degree at the University of Delaware and a Master of Arts in Liberal Studies at Dartmouth College. Her primary artistic disciplines prior to working in digital media were painting, textiles, printmaking, and performance art. She has published a book and several essays on Jungian archetypes in African-American fiction. Her digital photography and mixed media installations have been exhibited at SIGGRAPH, the Digital Salon, and the Silicon Gallery in Philadelphia.

Iris print on Translite lightbox,
17" X 17", 1995

Iris print on Translite lightbox,
19 1/2" X 13 7/8", 1996

Iris print on Translite lightbox,
18 3/4" X 15 1/2", 1996

Brain Cell
Iris print on Translite lightbox,
20" X 13 1/2", 1996

At the Gates 2
Iris print on Translite lightbox,
18" X 21", 1996

Iris print on Translite lightbox,
19 1/2" X 22", 1996


Diane Fenster
287 Reichling Avenue
Pacifica, California 94044 USA

Diane Fenster creates both fine art and illustration using a Macintosh computer. Her style is an innovative combination of her own 35mm photography, video, still video, and scanned imagery. Fenster's fine art has been exhibited internationally, and her images appear in numerous publications and CD's on digital art including the APERTURE monograph "METAMORPHOSES: PHOTOGRAPHY IN THE ELECTRONIC AGE." She is guest lecturer at many seminars, conferences, and art schools. Her illustration style is an outgrowth of the explorations she has taken with her personal work, and her commissions range from editorial to advertising to Web sites. Fenster's clients include Apple Computer, Inc., IBM Corporation, Dell Computer Corporation, Adobe Systems, Inc., Oracle, Inc., and Silicon Graphics, Inc.

Canto Five/Union of Opposites
Iris print, 34" X 47", 1995

Canto Six/In the Shadow of the Cathedral
Iris print, 47" X 34", 1995

Canto Seven/The Path of Lightning as it Descends from the Sky
Iris print, 47" X 34", 1995

Canto Nine/Nine Nights I Hung on a Windy Tree
Iris print, 47" X 34", 1996

Canto Ten/Perhaps You Might Remember Me
Iris print, 47" X 34", 1996

Canto Thirteen/The Interior Life of the Dead
Iris print, 47" X 34", 1996


Phillip George
11 Miller Street

Phillip George was trained as a painter at the National Art School, graduating with a diploma in art in 1979. He received a masters degree with first-class honours in painting and digital imaging from the University of New South Wales in 1996, and he is currently a lecturer in digital imaging at the University of Western Sydney Macarthur.

Tangent @ 23 X, Tangent @ 23 Fire
Mixed media on canvas,
130 cm X 100 cm, 1996


Madge Gleeson
Western Washington University
Department of Art
Bellingham, Washington 98225 USA

Madge Gleeson lives and works in Bellingham, Washington. She teaches at Western Washington University and has maintained a studio in Seattle for the past decade. She holds degrees from Brown University and Washington State University. Most of her exhibition work in the past decade has been computer-related. She has shown a number of times at both SIGGRAPH and ISEA.

Artist's Garden
Laser print/mixed media,
22" X 36" X 6", 1996

Endangered Species
Mixed media, 48" X 48", 1995

Golden Parachute
Laser print/mixed media, 23" X 25", 1996

High Flyer
Laser print/mixed media, 22" X 35", 1996

Road Warrior
Laser print/mixed media,
22" X 25" X 10", 1996

Mirror, Mirror
Laser print/mixed media, 30" X 30" X 5", 1996


Ken Gonzales-Day
7712 Lexington Avenue
West Hollywood, California 90046 USA

Currently an Associate Professor at Scripps College, Ken Gonzales-Day received a WESTAF/NEA award in New Genres in 1996. In 1995, he received an MFA from the University of California, Irvine. In 1993, he was a Van Leer fellow in the ISP at the Whitney Museum of American Art. He holds an MA in Art History from Hunter College, C.U.N.Y. and a BFA from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn.
He has exhibited at: White Columns & Christinerose Gallery in New York, the New Orleans Contemporary Art Center, Los Angeles' Foundation for Art Resources at Full Moon Gallery, L.A.C.P.S. Re:solution Gallery, Spaces in Cleveland, the Hallwalls Contemporary Art Center in Buffalo, and the New Museum of Contemporary Art, among others.

Untitled #33, From the Museum of Broken Identities (After Goya's Black Paintings)
C-print from digital negative, 40" X 30", 1996

Untitled #35, From the Museum of Broken Identities (After Goya's Black Paintings)
C-print from digital negative, 30" X 36", 1996

Jean-Pierre Hébert
4647 Via Huerto
Santa Barbara, California 93110 USA

Jean-Pierre Hébert was born in France in 1939. He was trained as an engineer and has always been interested in drawing and water color painting. His first hands-on experience with computers was in 1959, and he has been involved with computers ever since. He began his first experimentations with computer drawings in 1979 and began a serious exploration in 1986. Along with Helaman Ferguson, Ken Musgrave, and Roman Verostko, Hébert founded the Algorists group in August 1995.

Gris de Payne & Ochre
Ink on paper, 56 cm X 36 cm, 1996

Deux Lignes Ochres
Ink on paper, 60 cm X 46 cm, 1996


Chris S. Johnson
Northern Arizona University
1385 West University Avenue #164
Flagstaff, Arizona 86001 USA

After the Ache
Duratrans, fluorescent lights (lightbox), 36" X 28", 1996

Duratrans Fluorescent lights (lightbox),
13.5" X 30", 1996


Tammy Knipp
Florida Atlantic University
Art Department, Room 106
777 Glades Road
Boca Raton, Florida 33431-0991 USA

Tammy Knipp is an artist and a Professor of Art at Florida Atlantic University. She holds an MFA degree in Imaging and Digital Arts from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County and an MFA degree in Sculpture from Washington University, St. Louis. She was a 1995-1996 fellow recipient of Art Matters. Her work has been shown in New York, Indianapolis, Austin, Los Angeles, Chicago, and the Alexandria Museum of Art, Alexandria, Louisiana.

CASE STUDY 118 (documentation)
Mixed-media collage/9" video monitor, 3' X 5' X 1', 1996

Computer-aided video/sculpture,
5' X 4' X 6', 1994

CASE STUDY 2442 (detail view) Computer-aided video/sculpture,
5' X 4' X 6', 1994

Mixed-media collage/9" video monitor, 4' X 4' X 1', 1996

Computer-aided video/sculpture, 1994

CASE STUDY 107 (detail views)
Computer-aided video/sculture, 1994

Mixed-media collage/9" video monitor, 4' X 4' X 1', 1996


Michael O'Rourke
Pratt Institute
44 Tompkins Place, #1
Brooklyn, New York 11231 USA

Michael O'Rourke studied sculpture and computer graphic art for his MFA at the University of Pennsylvania, producing both physical sculpture and real-time interactive virtual sculpture between 1979 and 1982. He subsequently worked for seven years as a Senior Research Staff Artist at the New York Institute of Technology, where he produced computer-aided sculpture, animation and graphics. He now teaches at Pratt Institute, and continues working in a variety of media, both digital and traditional, producing graphic works and animation. His work has been exhibited widely and internationally since 1983.

À La Recherche du Centre Exact: Amsterdam Ave
Iris print on paper, 43" X 35", 1997

À La Recherche du Centre Exact: Arastradero
Iris print on paper, 43" X 35", 1996

À La Recherche du Centre Exact:
Portola Valley
Iris print on paper, 13" X 10", 1996

À La Recherche du Centre Exact:
Santa Cruz
Iris print on paper, 43" X 35", 1996

Icon #1
Ink, charcoals, pastels on paper,
22" X 30", 1987

Icon #4
Ink, pastels, chalks on paper,
22" X 30", 1987


Anna Ullrich
P.O. Box 975
Notre Dame, Indiana 46556 USA

Anna Ulrich earned her BFA in photography at the University of Washington in Seattle and is now a graduate student of photography
at the University of Notre Dame. She teaches Web design at Andrews University and introductory workshops on Photoshop and the World Wide Web at Notre Dame. In November of 1996, she and six other artists opened the Steelhead Gallery in South Bend, Indiana with their first exhibition. She expects to receive her MFA in the spring of 1998.

The Decorative Arts of the Mariner
Cibachrome print, 35" X 77" X 1", 1996

The Judgement of Lyon
Cibachrome print, 35" X 93" X 1", 1996


Roman Verostko
5535 Clinton Avenue South
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55419 USA

Roman Verostko has pioneered the development and creative use of an artist's personal expert system. Recipient of the Golden Plotter First Prize (1994, Gladbeck, Germany) and an Ars Electronica honorable mention (1993), his work has been exhibited in major art and technology exhibitions on five continents. A past Board Member of the Inter-Society for Electronic Art and Program Director for the Fourth International Symposium on Electronic Art, Verostko has published articles and lectured internationally on the subject of Art and Algorithm. Recent work includes a binary version of a Universal Turing Machine illuminated with algorithmically generated designs. A Professor Emeritus of the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, he currently resides in South Minneapolis, where he maintains an experimental studio with one work station reserved for research and development.

Carnival, Pathway Series
Ink on paper, 36" X 24", 1989

Pathway Series
Ink on paper,
44" X 30", 1993

Heaven and Earth
Ink on paper, 36" X 24", 1991

Nested Swallow
Ink on paper, 44" X 30", 1995

Diamond Lake Apocalypse: Buddha Ink on paper, 22" X 30", 1992

Scarab Series
Ink on paper, 30" X 22", 1993