Wango: COMPOST (Compost) is an interactive system that places the audience in control of live video and audio feeds while they navigate through a real-time interface. The Wango Compost Processing Center (WCPC) combines data generated by portable recording technology attached to human vehicles called Decomposing Agents. At SIGGRAPH 97, these agents transmitted audio/video information back across the Internet via the WCPC. Hosted by a virtual cyber-presence, both live and virtual attendees explored new ways of controlling media types through live interaction. The primary goal was for people not physically in Los Angeles for SIGGRAPH 97 to be able to experience as much interaction as a person attending the conference.

Cassandra Lehman
The CADRE Institute
San Jose State University
One Washington Square
San Jose, California 95192 USA

Project Leader
Jeffery Cheung

Project Manager, Finance Coordinator, Cyberhost Animator
Paul Leuvano

Thad Jones
Lamberto Alvaro

Digital Video Director, Technical Director
Sean Roach

Digital Video and Technical Assistants
Tony Troung
Gerald Willie

Agent Agendas
Mike Covington
Tony Troung

Compost Processing, Video Transmission
Mike Covinton
Jack Furlow
Mike Pyrch

Cyberhost Animator
Will Ogden

Ian Atchison, Jeffery Cheung, Corrine Jew, Lamberto Alvaro, Monica Arman, Don Hart, Thad Jones, Candy Murillo, Ed Muyco, Anthony Scannel, Lorena Vidrio