The Land of Time

The Land of Time is a 3D puzzle that consists of two different stages. In the game part, a puzzle is presented. Clock parts are delivered onto the stage. When dragged, they move, snap, drop and bounce. By solving the puzzle, or just playing with it, the user creates the other stage: the result stage. At first, the result stage is just blank. As the clock is assembled piece by piece, the result stage accumulates more and more elements. When the puzzle is completed, the clock starts ticking, and "time starts to flow" in the result stage.

The images and/or animations in the result stage are personal impressions of time and people. We are all bound to time; there are no exceptions. While time itself is rather hard for us to feel, a clock provides the illusion that it is controlling us with its own power.

Youn H. Lee
11215 Research Boulevard, #2168
Austin, Texas 78759 USA