Iamascope: An Interactive Kaleidoscope

This interactive project introduces a multimedia experience using an interactive kaleidoscope. The Iamascope uses a video camera lens as the eye of a kaleidoscope and projects a kaleidoscopic image of the participant onto a large screen. A vision subsystem is coupled to the electronic eye to control musical tones using a sustain algorithm. A wireless microphone produces echoes corresponding to the audio analogue of the kaleidoscopic reflections.

Once inside the Iamascope, participants can gesture, dance, sing, and speak to control and choreograph the imagery and music in real time. Novices can easily produce beautiful images and music, while experts can continue to refine their skills for complex forms of expression. Both the audience and the participant engage in a rich aesthetic interactive experience.

Sidney Fels
ATR Media Integration & Communication Research Laboratories
Seika-cho, Soraku-gun
Kyoto 619-02, JAPAN

Dirk Reiners and Kenji Mase