Multiple Identities MAP

Multiple Identities is a digital map of New York City that incorporates avatars (visual embodiments of concepts, personas, identities, or intelligence in virtual reality) acting as urban guides who lead travelers through unique experiences in the metropolis.

Maps have traditionally been commissioned to accumulate "detached" observations and "impersonal" facts regarding a physical location. Unlike typical navigational tools, the Multiple Identities Map acknowledges and reports on urban quantities that are less quantifiable. It collects and dispenses information that is inherently qualitative and subjective. Inspired by the research of Howard Gardner (The Theory of Multiple Intelligences, Leading Minds) and others, we have identified unique personae that emphasize multiple viewpoints as a way to identify and digest information. Each identity renders a personal experience and fashions stories that reflect unique observations and challenges.

The Multiple Identities Map does not intend to chronicle the city with efficient facts, but instead formulates compelling experiences that render the richness of a metropolis like New York.

Richard Yelle
Parsons School of Design
66 Fifth Avenue
New York, New York 10011 USA

Richard Yelle, Sven Travis, Richard Day, Edward Lucero, and Christopher Kirwan