JPL Space Garden: Space Data Visualization

The JPL Space Garden featured systems in current use at JPL for processing and visualization of science data returned by instruments flown on various NASA spacecraft:

1. The Science Analysis Graphics Environment (SAGE), a graphical interface used to control processing of imaging data returned by solar system exploration spacecraft, including the Mars Pathfinder mission and the Galileo spacecraft.

2. Virtual Reality - Multimission Atlas User Interface (VR-MAUI) provides the ability to access and interact with global maps of the Martian and Earth surfaces using Web, Java and VRML technologies. These tools help hide the mundane tasks of data transfer, merging images with models.

3. Animated "fly-over" sequences produced from data of the Earth and other planets along with current scientific animations from Mars.

4. Dview, a 3D modeler for real time applications. It enables fast and easy interactive construction of articulated models using specialized algorithms for space-related applications.

5. Application of Space Data Education (CASDE), an educational CD-ROM that combines technology, data, and resources from around the country along with Earth-observing spacecraft to teach how to apply remotely sensed data in a variety of disciplines, including physics, geography, and environmental monitoring.

6. Internet-accessible image database browsers and navigators that provide public access to space mission image archives.

7. Educational CD-ROMs of various JPL science projects.

8. The Sun-Earth Connection; SXT, a tool to display anaglyph pairs of solar imagery.

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