Journey to Anahuac

Ensconced in a structure suggesting an Aztec ceremonial temple, participants discover a richly detailed, interactively evolving map illustrating the rise and fall of civilizations in the Valley of Mexico over 3,000 years and the ensuing ecological transformation of the basin. Throughout the map, portals allow virtual visits to selected sites as they are believed to have looked at the heights of their development and as they appear today. Prehispanic music, performed on period instruments, provides an aural accompaniment to the visual experience, and the subtle scent of capal augments the sensation of presence in a different time and place.

Tomas J. Filsinger
Apartado postal 5-325
Las Palmas
Cuernavaca, Morelos C.P. 62051 MEXICO

Antonio Gonzalez Cuesta and Luis Perez Ixoneztli