HORIZONS by TeleCommunity

In a studio atmosphere extending across time zones, students imagine and filter realities and cultures, and offer personal views on life potentials. They share art, visions, experiences, and adventures through creative efforts in animation, multimedia, Web site development, and telecommunications.

Works flowing from HORIZONS represent destinations and directions, expand understanding through new knowledge and contact, and reference or interpret explorations and discoveries of the past, present, and future.

Regional and international sites support experimentation in CG animation, interactive and object-oriented multimedia, QuickTime movies, dynamic Web site production, and Internet videoconferencing. Artists and mentors collaborate with young students in networked studio environments alive with concepts and conviviality, where narratives and realized works are communicated to remote partners via the Internet and a dedicated server.

Participating sites include:

Duquesne University School of Education, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania USA

YBG Studio for Technology & The Arts, San Francisco, California USA

New Orleans Center for Creative Arts, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Local high schools, Los Angeles, California USA

Israel Museum Youth Wing, Jerusalem, Israel

K-bit Institute and CGT Kids World, Japan

Robert Dunn
Arc Vertuel, Inc.
School of Education
Duquesne University
111 The Oaks
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15215 USA

Melanie Carr, Rachel Gerstein, Susan Hazan, Carrie Lee, Sim Graves, Bill Weinman, Nathan Fullerton, Sergio Ferdman, Alex Leltchouk, Gunhan Danisman, Andrew McCain, Keigo Yamamoto, Nobuo Yoshikawa and students from Pittsburgh, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Jerusalem, and Japan