The Grimm Show

The Grimm Show (or The Story of the Youth Who Went Forth to Learn What Fear Was) is a 60-minute multimedia performance/interpretation of the parable by the Brothers Grimm. The story recounts the experiences of a youth who goes forth into the world to learn the meaning of "shuddering in fear." The performance incorporates pre-recorded video, live camera feeds, animation, text, and sound. The pre-recorded and live video, as well as the animation, are mixed live. Video and animation events are triggered by a continual midi/music soundtrack, which is both pre-sequenced and performed live on midi keyboards, drumpads, and wind instruments. Midi is also used to trigger a variety of sound samples and create abstract audio beds. The video (both individual sources and the live mix) appears on multiple monitors and video projectors.

M.R. Petit
Jeremy X. Halpern

104 Suffolk Street, #3
New York, New York 10002 USA