Dancing Fire and Water

Dancing Fire and Water is an artistic expression of sounds and images of two of the earth's great energies: Norway's Jostedal glacier and Japan's Owakudani volcano. It is an encounter between fire and water, two of the four fundamental elements in the universe. Live communication via ISDN is maintained between Jostedalsbreen, a growing glacier; Owakudani, an active volcano in Japan's Hakone; and SIGGRAPH 97 in Los Angeles.

The essential dilemma for artists is how to involve themselves with humans' inner feelings in life beyond terminals. There are digital and analog networks in the human world, and there are two kinds of worlds: virtual reality and authentic reality. Like a dream, these networks come and go between the space-time of these two realities. These worlds also generate new, imaginative, and creative art. These circumstances will radically change human existence in the future.

Vigdis Holen
Vig's Kunstlab
Firdavegen 22
68960 Sandne, NORWAY

Keigo Yamamoto
24-10 Oomura-cho
Fukui City, Fukui Prefecture 919-03

Jaroslaw Hollan, Ole Johnny Devik, Akihiko Shibata, Junji Tsudada, Ayuka Yamazaki, Tomoko Shibata, Kazumi Kinoshita, Sachiko Kurihara, Hisashi Wakabayoshi, Tadahiro Tazumi, Chiaki Matsumura, and others.