Committee & Jury

The Electric Garden Committee

Adele Newton
Public relations, student volunteer coordination, selection committee, planting and weeding

Rick Hopkins
Design, direction, production, care, and feeding of the garden

David Newton
Database master, Web boy, and person responsible for watering the plants

Cheri Stacey
Office management, coordination, travel, and everything-under-the-sun department

Rosemary Ratkaj
Model maker, trimming, and pruning

Craig Applegath
Project manager, architect, and all things bright and beautiful

Rob Pringle
Research and growth formulas

Greg Papp
Organically grown CAD systems

Electric Garden Jury


Rick Hopkins
Side Effects Software, Inc.


J. Craig Applegath

Tom Brighton
Landmark Entertainment

Frank Foster
Sony Pictures Imageworks

Andrew Glassner
Microsoft Network

Rob Hennigar

Adele Newton
Side Effects Software, Inc.