Alice: Easy to Learn Interactive 3D Graphics

Alice is a development environment for creating interesting and interactive 3D worlds. It is designed for ease of learning and use by non-engineering high school and undergraduate students.

The typical state of the art in interactive 3D graphics development environments requires the author to know a high-level programming language such as C or C++, and to understand fairly high-level mathematical concepts like linear algebra and the behavior of 4x4 homogeneous transformation matrices. The goal of the Alice project is to lower these stiff entry requirements by providing an easy-to-learn toolkit and a set of powerful abstractions that cover a wide variety of interactions and behaviors across a broad range of 3D graphics application domains.

This latest version of Alice runs on Pentium PCs. It offers attendees the chance to gain some hands-on experience with the development environment, build their own worlds, and try their hands at both desktop and virtual reality applications built with Alice.

Alice is available free for Windows 95 platforms from: http://alice.virginia.edu

Jeff Pierce
User Interface Group
Carnegie Mellon University
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