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Supporting Graphics Educators in the UK

Anne Mumford
Loughborough University

The Creative Process of University-Level Computer Art Students

The computer, like painting or photography, is an art medium. To support this claim, the author conducted a case study about the creative process for university-level art students. Results showed that despite using a computer, students were able to put their personal ideas into works of art. In fact, students were more willing to take greater artistic risks than in other media. By capitalizing on these and other findings, art educators may better foster creativity in their own students.

Dena Elisabeth Eber
University of Georgia

Instructional Strategies for Teaching Digital Arts in Academic Settings

In contrast to methods common to collegiate settings that require large blocks of time, instruction in middle and high schools requires instructional strategies that effectively provide a survey of computer imaging in short time blocks. An instruction method called The Seven Keys serves as a template to teach the basics of computer illustration, desktop publishing, computer animation, video editing, and multimedia applications. It gives teachers tremendous flexibility in providing instruction that ensures creative exploration. This presention demonstrated the keys in a base application and showcased student work.

Darien Small
Images and Instruction