Virtual RealityArt & Design Technology as Facilitator

The Wandering Eye: An Online Collaboration Between Student and
	Professional Creative Artists
The Wandering Eye is a Web site that showcases art and writing contributed by high school and college students as well as professionals from all over the country. By building alliances with galleries, publishing houses, and universities, high school students have produced a globally accessible publication featuring works created by the whole continuum of creative artists. Attendees were treated to a multimedia tour of the site, and interested teachers received handouts of copyright-sensitive submission guidelines, student-authored press releases, and sample letters to galleries and publishers.

Jonah Peretti
Jennifer Adams
Nathan Wyman
The Isidore Newman School

SDSC Science Discovery

Science Discovery provides experiences that have traditionally been available via field trips. This interactive Web site bridges the gap between abstract notions such as computer architecture and the experience of hands-on exploration. By combining science, Web technology, scientific visualization, art, and humor, Science Discovery showcases the exciting possibilities of science while educating students, parents, teachers, and the public about how computing and science can benefit society.

Rosemarie McKeon
San Diego Supercomputer Center

A Virtual Poem: Extending Classroom Reality

As an inducement to read with enjoyment, the Virtual Poem helps students connect to the feeling of a poem and virtually experience the drafting process. Students can view a sampling of critical responses and perhaps even add to the poem themselves. This Web-based demonstration of the Virtual Poem emphasized "what and how" to spark ideas for other creative presentations of instructional material.

Tim Brock
David Hartman
St. Petersburg Junior College
{brockt, hartmand}@email.spjc.cc.fl.us