SIGGRAPH Executive Committee

Steve Cunningham
California State University, Stanislaus

Vice Chair
Alain Chesnais
Alias|Wavefront Paris

Director for Communications
John C. Hart
Washington State University

Director for Education
Marc J. Barr
Middle Tennessee State University

Director for Professional Chapters
Scott Lang
Academy for the Advancement of Science & Technology

Director for Publications
Stephen N. Spencer
The Ohio State University

Chuck Hansen
University of Utah

Theresa-Marie Rhyne
Lockheed Martin Technical Services/US EPA Scientific Visualization Center

Nan Schaller
Rochester Institute of Technology

Past Chair
Mary C. Whitton
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

SIGGRAPH 97 Conference Chair
G. Scott Owen
Georgia State University

SIGGRAPH Conference Chief Staff Executive (ex officio)
Dino Schweitzer
Capstone Management Group, Inc.