Lectures, seminars, and interactive instruction on every aspect of computer graphics: theory, programming, design, commercialization, and tomorrow's applications.
Animation & Special Effects1. Motion Capture in Practice
Art & Design2. Creative Design for the World Wide Web
API3. Programming with OpenGL: An Introduction
Big Data4. Exploring Gigabyte Datasets in Real-Time: Algorithms, Data Management, and Time-Critical Design
API5. Sound Bytes: VRML Authoring for Noisy Worlds
Virtual Reality6. Stereo Computer Graphics for Virtual Reality
 7. Design and Application of Object-Oriented 3D Visualization Systems
 8. Texture Synthesis with Line Integral Convolution
API9. Introduction to VRML
 10. Introduction to Computer Graphics

API11. Programming with OpenGL: Advanced Techniques
Big Data12. Interactive Walk-Through of Complex Environments
Animation & Special Effects13. Digital Color
 14. New Frontiers in Modeling and Texturing

Virtual Reality15. Applied Virtual Reality
Animation & Special Effects16. Interactive Movies: Techniques, Technologies, and Contents
Animation & Special Effects17. Virtual Humans: Behaviors and Physics, Acting, and Reacting
 18. Beyond Bottlenecks and Roadblocks: Internetworked Computer Graphics

 19. Physically Based Modeling: Principles and Practice

 20. Computer Animation Using Digital Video for the Web, Multimedia, and Broadcast

 21. Designing Real-Time Graphics for Entertainment
Art & Design22. Mastering Visible Wisdom: Graphic Design for Usable GUIs of Productivity Tools, Multimedia, and the Web
Animation & Special EffectsVirtual Reality23. Artificial Life for Graphics, Animation, Multimedia, and Virtual Reality
API24. OpenGL and Window System Integration
Big Data25. Multiresolution Surface Modeling
 26. 3D Computer Animation Workshop

Animation & Special Effects27. Scanning and Recording of Motion Picture Film
API28. Authoring Compelling and Efficient VRML 2.0 Worlds
Virtual Reality29. Programming Virtual Worlds
Virtual Reality30. Making Direct Manipulation Work in Virtual Reality
Big Data31. Principles of Volume Visualization
Big Data32. Advances in Volume Visualization
Art & Design33. Principles of Visual Perception and Its Applications in Computer Graphics
Animation & Special Effects34. Warping and Morphing of Graphical Objects
API35. Introduction to Java3D

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