Course 4

Exploring Gigabyte Datasets in Real-Time: Algorithms, Data Management, and Time-Critical Design

Big Data Half Day | Intermediate

Modern datasets arising from computational physics are extremely large and involve complex, difficult-to-exhibit phenomena. Real-time interactive interfaces are useful in analyzing these datasets, but real-time performance has been difficult to achieve with such large volumes of data. This course discusses the issues that arise in real-time interactive visualization of very large (>100 gigabytes) datasets and presents solution strategies emphasizing time-critical design, which impact architectures, interfaces, algorithms, and data management.

Who Should Attend
Current or potential scientific visualization system developers who wish to implement a system for visualization of very large datasets.

Steve Bryson
MRJ Technology Solutions/NASA Ames Research Center

Steve Bryson
Michael Cox
David Kenwright
MRJ Technology Solutions/NASA Ames Research Center