Course 35

 Introduction to Java3D

API Full Day | Intermediate

This course presents the Java3D graphics API. It introduces the basic concepts and technology used in the Java3D definition, such as the use of scene graph to define a retained-mode model, compilation of a scene graph into a compiled-retained structure, the use of behavior nodes to manipulate both types of structures (without regard to which mode is in use), and ancillary considerations that turn these concepts into a useful application or applet.

Who Should Attend
Programmers interested in developing applications or tools using Java3D API and those interested in learning about Java3D.

Henry A. Sowizral
Sun Microsystems Computer Company

Henry A. Sowizral
Michael Deering
Kevin Rushforth
Sun Microsystems Computer Company

Michael Bailey
University of California, San Diego/San Diego Supercomputer Center

Michael Shantz
Intel Corporation