Course 24 

 OpenGL and Window System Integration

API Half Day | Intermediate

This practical course explains the application development options for writing portable, high-performance OpenGL programs for both the X Window System and Microsoft's Windows 95 and NT. The emphasis is on Windows programming and Motif-based approaches to writing real OpenGL applications. Topics include: techniques for ensuring portability between different platforms; high-level toolkits and alternative OpenGL interfaces; and advanced areas such as stereo, printer hardcopy, effective debugging, and exotic input devices.

Who Should Attend
Win32, Motif, and OpenGL programmers who want to learn how to write OpenGL programs that cleanly, efficiently, and portably interface with the X Window System. Also: programmers planning to port OpenGL applications to different window systems.

Mark Kilgard
Silicon Graphics, Inc.

Mark Kilgard
Silicon Graphics, Inc.

Brian E. Paul
Avid Technology

Nate Robbins
University of Utah